It all started in late 2001 when a handful youths of Hatsingimari consecrated themselves to a greater goal to serve the society. And so the dream of their benevolence incarnated as ‘North East Zone Welfare Development Society’. The main thrust of North East Zone Welfare Development Society is to develop the backward rural areas and women’s empowerment.

  • To work for all the development of rural and remote areas.
  • To empower rural woman and women’s participation in the decision making programme.
  • To generate awareness among the rural masses and various aspects –education, health and hygiene mother and child care.
  • To work for promotion and development of livestock department.
  • To work for organizing rural youth and motivate them for self-employment in different trades, improve agricultural method for farming. 
  • To work for awareness of Health and Family welfare Development programmes of Govt. promotion of indigenous system of medicine and treatment.
  • To keep networking with various Government and non- Governmental agencies and socio economic development as well as health care support.

The area of operation of North East Zone Welfare Development Society select the remote areas North East Region State and presently in the District of Kamrup , Goalpara, Dhubri and West Garo Hills of Meghalaya. 

North East Zone Welfare Development Society facilite, strength the rural and backward classes people to empowered by building their capacity, developed their skills in respect of alternative livelihood opportunities, health support services, educational support services.


NEZWDS believes in the equality and justice of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, clan and gender. It intends to integrate the marginalized and vulnerable section of the society in the mainstream of development and achieve their self- reliance through the launching of different sustainable development programmes. It visualises a social order in which women will not be exploited and they will enjoy equal rights and privileges with their male counterparts in society and also women will have joint partnership with the men in the development process.


The vision of the society is to up lift men of down trodden people through Govt. Sponsored schemes and participating in various activities for Protection of the interest of the trodden, oppresses and nakedly and the their well being.


  • To seek and promote participation of women as well as youth in the development process so as to encouraged co-operative and group action.
  • To render service for the welfare program me of the society, especially for women Children and rural mass.
  • To organize arrange periodical, lectures, discussion, seminars, meetings, workshops, work camps, conferences, exhibitions, study tours, and excursion for accelerating the work on rural and urban development.
  • To establish village industries programme and social upliftment programme.
  • To run educational centre a program me and hostels for destitute children women and old age person.
  • To run enhance application of modern and scientific methods in increasing food production of villages and self –reliance of them.
  • To run and maintain initiations of vocational trades and job-oriented streams.
  • To take up development project and programmes wasteland in feasible areas.
  • To improve production of agriculture mushroom cultivation and forest production applying modern and scientific methods in hill and village region.
  • To undertake special and constructive programmes for the betterment of the weaker sections of the rural community by providing therewith: (a) Adequate housing and sanitary facilities such as low cost housing low cost sanitary latrines. (b) Pure drinking water facilities by digging common ponds or fixing tube well for underground water rural water supply schemes and water shed management programme etc.







  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate